Summer tips from the maestro of makeup – Khaleej Times

CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST Bassam Fattouh recently launched his new collection in Dubai. The internationally renowned celebrity and makeup artist to the stars, including Elissa and Haifa Wehbe,  launched his new line of products, Kingdom & Velours Liquid Matte Lipsticks, at Debenhams, The Dubai Mall.
Bassam started his career as a professional makeup artist and launched his own cosmetics range in 2010 due to surging demand from fans and clients. The Lebanese native who is the master of glamour spoke to City Times about the latest trends in the beauty industry and also told us why Dubai is an extremely important market for cosmetics.

When did the fascination with makeup begin?
I was fascinated with makeup ever since I was born. I used to do makeup things in general when I was a kid. At the age of 17, I decided to become a makeup artist.

What inspires you to enhance the beautiful features of women?
Everything inspires me actually. When I was young, rooms, gardens, fashion, everything and anything would inspire me. After that, I discovered my big passion for makeup and colours and drawing and painting and that’s how it started. My products are the result of a truly in-depth understanding of makeup and a perfect insight into what women really need. It is all about bringing together all the best features women love in their favourite brands.

Why is Dubai an important market for the beauty industry?
Dubai is one of the most important markets for the beauty industry. The exposure you get not just in the Arab world but you have so many expats as well. Many people from all over the world get to know your brand when you are popular in Dubai. Launching in Dubai has proven to be an excellent opportunity to reach the international base.

Is it true that some of your products are inspired by the royalty you work with?
Yes. We are here to launch three main products. One of them is to launch a liquid matte lipstick. The inspiration behind this lipstick is the royalty that I work for. I named the product after one of those people who really inspire me. Textures inspire me more than trends and I tend to place the focus on them the most when developing a new collection.
A perfect example is the Velours Liquid Matte lipstick; it is the signature velvet consistency that has made it a favourite of many. We are also launching Kajal kingdom and each shade is stand-alone beautiful but when seen in the collection represents a collage of contrasting hues the Middle East is known to embody. 

Tips to make makeup last in the Dubai heat

1) When it comes to makeup, skin care is an essential part. Your canvas has to be flawless and clean before the painter can begin his masterpiece.

2) Sun block is the most important thing during the summer.

3) Juicy lips are good.

4) Bronzers are great for summers.

5) Shimmery shadows are nice.

Important tricks for makeup

1) Blending is the most important thing. It is very important to invest in good quality makeup brushes. It is the main way to get flawless makeup.

2) Less is more.

3) It is important to find the right foundation. This region is known for olive skin, so I always advise people not to go for lighter shades or pink undertones. The sky is the limit when we talk about makeup!

4) Non-blended makeup is the worst mistake a girl can make.