The Best Beauty Secrets Shay Mitchell Shared in Her First YouTube Makeup Tutorial –

When Shay Mitchell isn’t traveling the world and sharing photos from her #Shaycation excursions on Instagram, the Pretty Little Liars star follows her other passion: makeup.

The actress, who usually works with celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, always loves to experiment with bold looks, whether it be a blue lower lash line or a graphic cat eye wing. Mitchell has told PeopleStyle she’s “always been someone who loves makeup.” So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see her taking what she’s learned about beauty from Ta and other top makeup artists and using it to launch her beauty YouTube channel.

Thursday, the 30-year-old star posted her first 15-minute tutorial, which walked her fans through her everyday makeup, and she already looks like a vlogging expert.

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“I came, I saw, I contoured! FIRST EVER MAKEUP TUTORIAL by me, myself and I. Please note this is a learning process sooo be nice,” Mitchell said on her Instagram post announcing the video.

The star began the video by explaining what inspired her to jump into the beauty world on YouTube.

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“I am all about trying out different things. I may not be a professional chef or be a great cook, but I am going to try my hand at it and the same goes for this,” she shared. “I am not a professional makeup artist. I am not a professional beauty blogger. But I had a curiosity about it and I feel like I could do it too, so I am. And that is just how I live my life.”

S Q U A D 😜

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She continued: “I work with such talented artists as well and I want to showcase them and give you guys tips and tricks that they live by.”

And we can already tell Mitchell is filled with tons of makeup knowledge. After seeing her first video, we can’t wait to learn more. Check out the best beauty secrets the actress shared in her YouTube tutorial debut!

1. She starts with concealer before foundation. 

Many people put foundation on first, but Mitchell prefers to do the opposite. She began her look my covering her face in Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer, then dabbed La Mer foundation only around the outer portions of her face.

“Because this is a little bit warmer, I am not going to be doing this on the areas that I am highlighting after. I am doing this on the areas that I am going to be bronzing and want to make warmer,” she said when applying the foundation.

2. She uses multiple products to contour and bronze her face. 

On top of the La Mer foundation, Mitchell built up her ultra-bronzy complexion with multiple products throughout the video. Her picks: Graftobian HD Crème Foundation in Diva (which Ta introduced her to), the CoverFX cream contour palette and Milani’s Baked Bronzer in Soleil (she says every makeup artist has this drugstore favorite in their kit). “It’s actually kind of amazing the power of makeup if you think about it, like what you can do,” she said.

3. No, she does not believe in baking.

“I know there was that whole trend on baking. Does that really make a difference? Do I need to set a timer and like make sure I leave it on for that amount of time? I don’t know. I feel like you just put it on and it soaks up regardless of the amount of time you have it on,” Mitchell said in the video. Instead, she just pats on both the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and YSL’s Souffle D’Eclat Finishing Powder all over.

4. Her secret to highlighting her face: follow a “V” shape.

Using the highlighter shade in the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette, Mitchell “likes to highlight on the top part of my cheek right here and a little bit on my eyebrow. Patrick told me to do a “V” shape so that is how I remember.”

5. She always brings eye shadow underneath her lower lash line. 

In her tutorial, Mitchell took a matte shade she used in her crease from the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette and swept it down beneath her lower lash line.

“I am gonna bring it under my eye,” she said. “Unless I am going for a specific look where it doesn’t call for eye shadow under the eye, I always like putting [it] under the eye. And sometimes I get a little crazy and do this — I do like a big circle.”

6. She prefers not to swipe on her lipstick. 

Instead, Mitchell dabs the color lightly onto her lips. “I dab because if I do it, it is like a commitment,” she revealed. “So sometimes I dab lipsticks and gloss because I don’t want the full color and I’m like not ready to commit to it.”

What do you think about Shay’s first attempt at making a makeup tutorial? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!