The Genius Hacks To NEVER Get Makeup On Your Top Again – Hit 107

Source: Pretty52. 

We all know the annoying feeling that rises within us whenever we’ve applied our makeup perfectly and go to get changed… only to end up with makeup on our top or dress. 

The rage is real. 

But there’s a genius and hilarious way for us all to avoid this annoying AF occurrence and it’s going viral on the internet. 

The hack comes after Twitter user @_evamariie posted a pic to her account, and everyone is loving it. 

While this is of course a great way to avoid the whole makeup on clothes situation, we must advise you that putting a plastic bag over our head and face is NOT a good idea. It’s a safety risk. 

If you’re not into this idea, then here are some other genius ways to make sure you never get makeup on your clothes again!


If you’re a dancer, you know the trick of putting hairspray over your face to help your makeup set. 

It works wonders. 

Why not try this super idea? Just be sure to close your eyes and be in a well ventilated area!

Be advised: setting powders and make-up setting sprays are a much more skin-friendly option and do the job amazingly. 


To avoid the dangers of plastic bags over yor head, right before you put on your top or dress, flip your hair over so it hangs down over your face as a shield. 

Then pull on your clothes and flick your hair back and there you go!

If your hair is too short to do this… sorry. 


Beanies are a much more breathable option than bags, so pull your beanie down your face and pull on your clothes. 


This is for when you’ve come home after your long day or night and have to take all your clothes off again. 

Be sure to wash away your makeup with makeup wipes or cloths, so you don’t get makeup on your clothes after you’ve worn them. 


Do you have any brilliant ways to avoid getting makeup on your clothes?

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