These three women stole over $69000 in cosmetics from drugstores, cops say – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade police say the three-woman theft gang they busted last week worked like most — rip off a place using teamwork, then take what you took to seller. That so-called fence pays you and sells the stolen goods at a discount.

Cops say the gang stole at least $69,368.63 worth of items over 32 thefts. But this gang didn’t hit jewelry stores, homes or cars. They targeted Walgreens and CVS stores for the cosmetics.

The criminal upside to that: a potential target every few blocks. The criminal downside: surveillance cameras at each place providing more comprehensive video coverage than a Monday Night Football game.

That’s why the arrest affidavits for Miami’s Crystal Pereda, 27, Homestead’s Jazmin Pereda, 28, and Miami’s Jennifer Tejeda, 33, include the phrases “defendant and co-defendants were positively identified via surveillance video” or “the females were seen on CCTV by loss prevention.”

With those phrases, as well as three Walgreens or CVS employees identifying the getaway cars, police tracked down and arrested the three last week.