This Makeup Artist Faced Racist Backlash After Going Viral As The Black Powerpuff Girl – BET

Her interpretation instantly went viral with over 50K likes on social! However, despite all the positivity it was met with a ton of backlash as well. “At first, around the first 10 comments were positive. And then the picture rapidly grew attention way faster than I thought — and I received a lot of racist comments,” Amarie confesses.

“Racists never crossed my mind before posting the picture, so it caught me off guard. I was genuinely so happy about there even being a Black PowerPuff and that I had done a makeup look to correspond with her. Negative feedback hadn’t even crossed my mind at all. So when I began to receive it, I instantly became disgusted and infuriated.

“I honestly just couldn’t believe that people (specifically white people), were so upset by it. As an African-American you dream of things like this you know? And when it finally happens, it becomes this controversial thing. That’s insane to me.”