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Makeup and skincare can become an addiction, and boy, is it an expensive one! From the process of production, packaging, shipping, and retailing at your local Sephora, beauty products can become incredibly marked up by the time it makes it to the consumer’s hands.

For a long time, it felt like we just had to accept the expensive nature of the beauty industry, but the disruptive company Beauty Pie is ready to shake things up with a daring business model that brings beauty products directly to consumers without the exorbitant prices. With a fixed monthly membership, Beauty Pie is able to offer its members incredibly low prices for top-line beauty products.

I interviewed Beauty Pie’s founder, Marcia Kilgore, to learn more about the company’s innovative model and how Beauty Pie is changing the beauty industry.

Sarah Boyd: Tell us a little bit about Beauty Pie and how it works.

Marcia Kilgore, Beauty Pie Founder: The easiest way to describe Beauty Pie is to say that it’s like the Netflix of skincare and cosmetics. The beauty industry is broken. Hundreds of luxury brands use the same 10-20 elite labs/factories. Typical markups on luxury makeup and skincare products are 10x the ex-factory cost. And we think that’s crazy. So we decided to create a sort-of buyer’s club, where members could buy high-tech skincare and world-class cosmetics, before all the branding, for up to 90% less than what the same formulas typically cost at retail.

SB: Where are Beauty Pie products sourced from?

MK: So far: Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, the USA and England. We source from the same suppliers as the world’s leading beauty brands.