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Internet influencers collaborating with major beauty brands is one of the biggest trends of the past few years, from Jaclyn Hill x BECCA to Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced. But these online makeup mavens also partner with indie brands, like Jaclyn Hill x Morphe and Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA, giving the lesser known brands more attention.

And when a partnership works — no matter the brand profile or popularity — there are often reprises. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what happened with Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA, with the duo releasing part deux of their collab called Glow Baby, Glow.

Earlier this year, the highlight-loving vlogger and the indie brand, which is now sold online through Ulta, teamed up for three liquid lipsticks and a single, pinwheel highlighter featuring three complimentary and blendable pans of color.  

The follow up flips the script a bit, featuring each of the previously released highlighter shades in their own full-sized, magnetic pan per customer request. One of the shades has been updated. There is a single matte liquid lipstick, too.

If you are looking to refresh your makeup wardrobe this fall, you can start with these glow-getters. Dutchess, the mauve x berry lippie that Nikkie and the brand labeled as suitable for all skin tones, is so fall-ready.

The highlighters are Glazed Donut (light), Glow Goals (medium), and Blind the Haters (golden). Nikkie Tutorials is known for loving a glow so bright it can communicate with satellite and she and OFRA are going for it with this collection.

That lipstick, though! It’s so autumnal. The new Nikkie x OFRA collection is available now at the OFRA site and via Ulta, so go ahead and kiss that cash buh-bye. The good news is you will have a brand new lipstick to reapply after doing so.

It’s like a glass of merlot was translated into velvet-y lipstick form.

In case you forgot what it looked like, the Nikkie x OFRA spring collection featured a trifecta of softer, lighter, and seasonally appropriate lip shades.

No one glows quite as bright as Nikkie Tutorials but fans and glow-seekers can totally attempt replicate her gleam with these products.

There’s another reason that beauty obsessives should pay attention to the encore of Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA, besides the insanely awesome fact that the brand and the blogger listened to what shoppers and fans asked for and incorporated their input into this reprise, as noted in the caption of Nikkie’s Insta post. OFRA also noted on its site that it tweaked the deepest shade in the highlighter trio to have a more natural undertone in order to compliment deep skin tones. So this collab allowed OFRA become even more inclusive with its offerings.

But here’s another cool thing to consider. Oftentimes, blogger and brand collabs give the influencer an even bigger and more visible platform on with which to promote their tips, tutorials, and social channels. But in many cases, when an online makeup maven with millions of followers teams up with an indie brand, it helps said brand grow even more and enjoy a heightened profile.

Courtesy of OFRA Cosmetics

It’s a mutually beneficial business relationship but you know who really wins? Street-level makeupistas, because they get products that are the combination of several spheres of influence.

Courtesy of OFRA Cosmetics

While OFRA has certainly grown by leaps and bounds in recent months and has become an Ulta-sold brand, the company’s collab with Nikkie Tutorials certainly attracted further attention.

Let’s not forget OFRA’s prior collab with Manny MUA from when he was on the rise, as well. OFRA wisely hitched its wagons to the right influencers at the right time. In return, a wide base of beauty junkies were introduced to a quality brand outside of the usual majors. That’s a beautiful thing, especially if you like to support more developing business and trendsetters who have worked their way up from the ground level!