Woman creates ingenious shower hack for keeping your makeup … – The Independent

It’s the end of a long day, you have evening plans, but you need to wash your hair or at least your body.

Fine, if you’re bare-faced. A nightmare if your makeup has been on point all day and you don’t have the time nor inclination to redo your smokey-eye, winged eyeliner and false lashes.

All women know that that’s a hell of a time investment.

But one woman has shared an ingenious trick that provides a solution to the conundrum: wear goggles in the shower.

22-year-old Lauren recently posted on Tumblr two pictures demonstrating her shower hack:

The next day, the photos had gone viral as people were wowed by her innovation.

“It literally blew up overnight,” Lauren told BuzzFeed News. “Like, the next morning after posting it I had like 5,000 notes.” 

On Tumblr, a note is when someone likes or reblogs a post.

“Then the next week I had 22,000 notes, and now I have almost 100,000 on the original post,” she added.

Lauren has tapped into a very common struggle.

“My hair is greasy and by the end of the day I had my makeup on and I wanted to go out with my friends, but I’d be dead before I wasted another pair of lashes and 45 minutes blending eyeshadow,” she said.

Most people were really impressed. Some, however, called Lauren “stupid” for not just using dry shampoo instead of washing her hair:

“There were a lot of comments from people thinking I was stupid like, ‘wow ever heard of dry shampoo?’,” she said. “Guess what, not a good idea when you have a perm.”

Plus sometimes you need to wash your body too.

Some people commented on the red line left by the goggles, but Lauren said it had disappeared by the time she’d finished getting dressed.