Cinema Secrets Liquid Latex, Flesh, 8 oz.

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Product Description

Professional makeup artists use this kit essential to blend heavy edges of bald caps and prosthetics to skin, as well as to create wrinkles and lines for aging effects. Directions to conceal appliance and bald cap edges: Glue appliance according to its directions. Tear a Cinema Secrets White Makeup Sponge in half, then create texture by picking at it to roughen the surface. Dip textured end of Sponge in a small amount of Flesh Latex. Stipple (use an up-and-down motion to apply) latex over the edge of the appliance. Overlap onto skin about 1/4" and let dry. Use a hair dryer on low/cool setting to speed drying process. Repeat for better coverage. "Set" the Latex to lessen tackiness: Sprinkle a small amount of Cinema Secrets Colorless Powder onto a powder puff. Fold the puff in half and rub powder in. Lightly press-do not smudge!-the puff into the Latex. Directions for old age effects: Pull skin beneath eye downward, toward the jaw, and apply a thin coat of Latex under the eye. Important: Take care to keep Latex way from eyes, eyelashes, and hair. It will not come out of any hair! Continue to hold until Latex dries, then release. Repeat two or three times until desired amount of "wrinkling" is achieved. Repeat process on other areas of the face and neck, always working in small areas at a time and always stretching skin from the center of the face outward. Finish by applying Cinema Secrets Cream Makeup in dermal colors. Removal Apply a warm, wet towel to loosen Latex. Important: Ensure that water is not too hot. Rub small amounts of Cinema Secrets Makeup & Adhesive Remover Oil into areas with Latex until it has been removed. Finish by rinsing and applying moisturizer.

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